Daylight Saving and Elections

 Since 2006, the Daylight Saving Time period has closed on the last Sunday of October, about a week before Election Day, which is held the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

 The extension of Daylight Saving Time into November had been proposed as a way to encourage greater voter participation, the theory being that more people would go to the polls if it was still light when they returned home from work.

 The U.S. law that took effect in 2007 pushed the end of Daylight Saving Time to the first Sunday in November.

 In some years (2021, 2027, and 2032), this will fall after Election Day, giving researchers the opportunity to gauge its effect on voter turnout.

So no matter whom you vote for this year, there will be plenty of light for you to get out there and visit the polls!

 On November 4th at 2:00AM remember to fall back an hour!

 And don’t forget Election Day: November 6th, 2012


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